Sprinkler Services

Automatic fire sprinkler systems have been installed in all types of buildings in the U.S. since 1874, when they first became available. A lot has changed since then,and not only in the height of buildings or the fire hazards that could be present.From pre-action and deluge to foam-water and standpipe, there are many sprinkler system types on the market today — and your inspection frequency depends on the type of system you have.

Common types of systems:

Standpipe Systems
Fire Pumps
Backflow Preventers
Wet and Dry Sprinkler Systems
Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems
Foam-Water Fire Sprinkler Systems
Private Fire Service Mains (Hydrants)
Deluge Fire Sprinkler Systems

Consistent sprinkler system service:

Helps you stay compliant. Often times, periodic servicing is required by the NFPA (NFPA 25) and your local Authority-Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) — and you could be fined for non-compliance if you don’t follow these guidelines.

Insurance coverage eligibility. Many insurance companies may not cover damages caused by fire unless a company has documented that periodic checks and maintenance have been performed on their sprinkler systems.

Helps keep your equipment ready. Most fire sprinklers require periodic testing and service to continue functioning properly.

Promotes safety. Having your fire sprinkler systems properly serviced and functioning can help save property and lives during a fire.

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